International Workshop

The Third Workshop on Atmospheric Composition and Asian Monsoon Jinan University, Guangzhou China

2017-08-17 15:18:27

Following the first and the second workshops in 2013 (Kathmandu) and 2015 (Bangkok), the ACAM community of scientists recently held its third workshop at Jinan University in Guangzhou, 5-9 June 2017. The participants included 160 scientists from 18 countries. The scientific discussion spanned issues ranging from ground-level air quality to upper atmospheric composition in the Asian monsoon region. The region is unique given the interaction between the monsoon meteorology and emissions from human activity where population and economic development are undergoing rapid change. These interactions have important local implications in terms of the coupling between pollution and monsoon changes and their impacts on human health and the regional economy. The interactions also have global significance, which comes from the effective conduit that monsoon convection provides for pollution to reach the upper atmosphere with potential impacts on climate and stratospheric ozone, which is a topic of intense investigation.

The workshop included 80 oral and 50 poster presentations on recent science results as well as current and future plans for field observations in the region. Discussion sessions were devoted to a number of collaboration topics including data sharing, participation in community modeling efforts, coordination of field observations, and capacity building through training and mentoring of young scientists.           


More information and the conference program is available on the conference website.