ECI has Established Cooperation with Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

2018-08-23 15:49:48

A delegation by Scott Sheppard, Vice Chancellor of the Queensland University of Technology(QUT),visited Jinan University(JNU)in April 8th. The agreement for the JNU-QUT Joint train PhD was signed. Representatives unveiled the Joint Laboratory for Air Quality Science and Management.

Hong Zhang, Vice Chancellor of JNU met with the QUT and jointly unveiled the JNU-QUT Joint Lab. He said that JNU has always attached great importance to developing friendly relations with Australian universities.Through this visit, we will deepen the cooperation between the two universities, and take the opportunity of joint training and joint construction of joint laboratories by doctoral students to strive for international scientific research cooperation. More project resources will promote the construction of “double first class” in JNU.

The delegation also visited Jinan University Institute for Environmental and Climate Research (ECI). Highly affirmed the rapid development of ECI and the scientific research results obtained.The two parties exchanged information about their respective background and research areas, and discussed potential for future collaboration.