Professor Yuan Bin Became an Associate Editor of Atmospheric Measurement Techniques

2018-08-23 15:12:27

       Professor   Bin  Yuan became an editor of the International SCI Journal "Atmospheric Measurement Techniques" (Associate Editor).

         " Atmospheric   Measurement  Techniques" is an internationally renowned journal in the field of atmospheric science (latest impact factor: 3.089), hosted by the European Geosciences union and published by Copernicus Publications (https://www.atmos-meas The journal publishes articles on the development, improvement, comparison and theoretical research of observational instruments, techniques and data processing methods for atmospheric composition and properties (gas, aerosol particles, clouds and meteorological and climatic elements).

             Professor Bin   Yuan  joined  the School of Environment and Climate in September 2017. He has been engaged in the study of atmospheric chemical behaviors and environmental effects of organic matter in the atmosphere, and has carried out research on mass spectrometry including proton transfer reaction mass spectrometry for atmospheric organic matter measurement. For many years, it has accumulated a certain amount of international influence. He has published more than 40 articles in internationally renowned journals, including 12 articles by the first author, including a review article on Chemical Reviews (affecting factor 47.928).


Professor  Bin Yuan